Places to visit for history lovers

Are you in love with history and looking for places to visit this season to know more about the ancient civilization and human history? Or just want to casually visit these place for capturing the best moment with your friends? Whatever the reason is, history has always been dark and hidden. However, there are some monuments, historical sites, ancient tombs and places a history lover must never miss and visit once before dying. These places could be anywhere. From deep Asia to Far East America. Explore these places once and visit in peace forever.

1 – Stonehenge, UK

Have you seen the default Windows XP wallpaper and always wondered what are those big pieces of bricks doing in a park? There are many legends for this place. Some say that this is the work of God and some explain Aliens were the ones behind it. Scientific experiments are unsure of how these large bricks were perfectly places a formed a circle in the middle of nowhere. See this place for yourself and invest time in photographing the complete site for showing them to your children and their children. This place is a sure visit for anyone who want fiction change into reality. Apart from Stonehenge, England and Wales has many other historical sites that should be surely visited if you are a diehard fan of English history.

2 – Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Yuck, what kind of a name is Angkor Wat? You can never imagine the beauty and scenic landmarks of this place in Cambodia. It was build by an old king named Suryavarman back in the 12th century and this is the classic example of artwork and architecture. Jaw dropping beauty can be seen by viewing this temple and people from different countries visit this place all around the year. There are some places in this world which people can never forget even in their dreams and want to visit them again and again and think that maybe there is something they have missed at that place. The missing thing is called “Pleasure”. This place is for sure an entirely amazing architecture in ancient history and it would be a shame if you call yourself a history lover and have never visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

3 – Cairo, Egypt

You knew that was coming right? The great pyramid of Gaza is of extreme importance and there are some legends that says that this place has some healing powers. No one is sure if it is true or not, but legends are never wrong. Check out this stunning place for yourself and experience the history of Cleopatra and ancient civilization of Egypt in a go. This place is not to miss for any history lover.

4 – Taj Mahal, India

Have you ever fallen in Love? Yes, this place is a temple, but was made in memory of a Queen that had her last wish of getting a Royal treatment by her King, by creating the most wonderful temple of this world. This place in Agra is one of the seven wonders of this world and is the top monument in history, also known as the symbol of love. Not only the temple is exiting, but also the precious stones of the Queen are on display and your jaws will get dropped viewing those amazing pieces of stones that were worn about many centuries ago.

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