Why should I visit Karbala once in my life?

Karbala is one of the holiest city for Muslims. Situated in the heart of Iraq, Karbala holds one of the largest festivals in the world. This year, a far more than 30million people Karbala to pay tribute to the martyrs of the battle of Karbala. Traveling to Karbala needs a special permission from your local embassy, but Iraqi government makes sure that any human being in this world can come. Karbala is a good place to travel for people who are history lovers and more enjoyable for travelers who loves holy shrines.

The battle of Karbala was held in 680AD and that resulted in the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad. The best place to visit in Karbala is the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussain, which is open 24/7 and can be visited by any human being, regardless of their religion, race and color. Iraqi government encourages more and more people to visit each year and gives foolproof security to all travelers. Before traveling to Karbala, you need to make sure that you have acquired a visa from the Iraqi Embassy in your country. After that you can book your tickets with your favorite airline, however, Qatar Airways is preferred as it flies directly to Karbala from many countries. Next step is to pack your bags with all the required stuff you will be needing in your visit. Make sure that you include your camera to get crisp images of the golden domes of the shrine of Imam Hussain.

After you reach Karbala you can easily get a hotel nearby the shrine. Most of the people are English Medium, but the main language spoken in Karbala is Arabic. You can book a good hotel for as low as $50 per night, with 4-star features and pick and drop from the main shrine and other attractions nearby. Some major nearby attractions nearby are the Holy River of Furat, the cave, the holy shrine of Imam Hussain’s brother and lots more. You can take pleasure of friendly people who will offer you free food and water. You will find water dispensers installed everywhere as water was the main reason of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. Next step is to get a guide that is almost free. It is necessary to mention here that you do not need to get Iraqi Dinars to visit Karbala as American Dollars are very well accepted in almost all of Iraq. The next step is to get a car on rent, which is too cheap in this Middle East city, and get going for a full-time adventure of your lifetime. It has been estimated that around 40million people will visit Karbala next year, on the day of martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

Karbala can be an extremely useful visit if you love historic events and lifestyle. You may find tens of museums and listings of a thousand years old stuffs in this city. Karbala is full of nice people, free food and amazing and exciting places to visit. You can also move to nearby cities like Samarra and Kazmain for more pleasure. But it is strictly advised to keep away from Baghdad, which is also known as the capital as well as the largest city of Iraq, as it falls still in the war-zone. Other than that, Karbala is completely safe, the Iraqi Army taking a 24/7 round of streets and roads. 20 million people can’t be wrong each year. This could also be the most spiritual journey of your entire life.

These were the perks of traveling to Karbala once in your life. Keep following us for more amazing articles.

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