Visiting Dubai on a Budget

One thing that comes to mind when choosing Dubai as your next vacation destination is everything but budget! Dubai is the world of opulence and extravagance where every contemporary luxury that a man may desire has already been seen to. However, there are people among the world that are not quite well off and yet wish to visit Dubai.

Here is a guideline to enjoy an economical trip to Dubai where resources are cheap and the fun is doubled, so that everytime you spend some money you don’t get a heart attack. You would be surprised to find the amount of what Dubai has to offer to economical travellers despite its contrary reputation.

  1. Use public transportation

Dubai has one of the most inexpensive public transportation rates in the continent starting at 1.8 dirhams standard fare for 3km per adult. Choose a hotel nearby the metro station so that you can easily travel to and fro from the hotel. Another alternative can be riding a bike that costs 15 dirhams per 30 minutes or trams and buses which are considerably cheaper than taxis.

  1. Cheap sensualist food is easily available

The best thing about Dubai is that there are so many restaurants in the city that there are alot of variations in price, style and taste. And if you where to look you can find the perfect choice to suit your appetite. People who love flavor and spices can always opt for the delicious savories of the Ravi Restaurant that serves extraordinary Indian cuisine. While there are myriad others that serve Chinese, Middle-Eastern etc.

  1. Pocket friendly accomodation

By searching thoroughly, you can find a lot of inexpensive hotels in the older parts of the city such as Al Barsha or Deira. Although Dubai is famed for its ultra-modern luxurious hotel apartments, you can always find a relatively cheaper alternates near commercial areas or in less opulent parts of the city.

  1. Shopping and entertainment

There are numerous entertainment options available in Dubai, some that are even almost free. There are 40km of seashore in Dubai and about 5-6 dirhams entrance free while, there are art and dance performances held at different parts of the city all around the year. Most of them are fare exempted. For best shopping experiences travellers live to visit Dubai Mall or Deira Center which have the most high-end outlets but also some European emporiums that offer upto 70% discounted prices on items.

Information and background provided by the tree experts at this website. Our thanks and gratitude for their help and insight, even thought there are not many trees in Dubai.

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